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Buying Your Home

Buying a home without proper inspections, review of contracts, title and disclosures, and knowledge of the market, is risky, to say the least. 

Any major purchase requires research, careful analysis, consideration, and thought.


Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

    Efficiency: I see it all the time: people searching 10s of websites looking for property; very time consuming especially without the aid of a real estate professional. Public access on these sites does not offer search capabilities that real estate agents have access to. You are getting listings you don't care about, wasting your time and frustrating you. Agents belong to an MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which lists available properties by numerous searchable characteristics - much more detailed and advanced than the public has access to.

    Keys: Agents have keys to all listed homes. Your buyer's agent will let you into many more houses at times that work with your schedule. Does that mean we are only door-opening-people? Think again! That's only the beginning of a process...

    Negotiation: Your buyer's agent is an expert at negotiating the best sale/purchase price for your home. We do it on a daily basis. We may know more about it than our buyers.

    Closing Knowledge: A lot of details that should be handled by a professional. The process will not only confuse you, but also frustrate you making your home buying experience a nightmare.

    No Cost to the Buyer?: This is a question that I hear a lot. The buyer's agent is paid from the sales proceeds. The listing agent agrees to pay a portion of the commission (usually half) to the buyer's agent. In almost all real estate sales, there is no cost to the buyer for use of a buyer's agent. 

    Experience: Spotting potential problems with a property even before paying for inspection or wasting time on a property.

    Market Knowledge: A buyers agent is probably the only individual that goes through all the listings in your market every day and knows where the deals are.



Services I Provide to Buyers:

    Round the clock access: What my clients always liked about me is my speedy customer service. Answering questions, setting up appointments, making offers, you name it...

    Educate me on your needs: I ask questions and I need answers. I know that sounds weird, but if I don't do it, I can't provide the level of service I want to provide: excellent. I ask about your timeline, about your preferences for the home that you are looking for, about credit and loan situation and some more. It is not because I want to know the whole story of your life; it is because it helps me to find you the perfect home. 

    Search, search, search!: I go to work looking for homes that meet your criteria. I search the listings. I call, I email, I text to other agents if they have something coming on the market that meets your criteria. I don't give up. 

    Visit homes: I need you to tour only a couple of homes with me and I will have an idea of what you are looking for. After that, I will just present you the homes you are most likely to approve. If you are out of state, I take extra pictures, I record videos, so you can find more information about those listings.

   Documents Available: When you need more information about a certain home listing, I dig in to see if I can find tax information, plot maps, surveys, easements, etc, using all the tools I have available. 

    Determine the seller's motivation and needs: Structuring the offer is one of the most important things we agents do. Seller's and buyer's motivations and needs play a decisive role in how the offer will be constructed. I always try to write the contract in such a way that it benefits my buyer client the most. A well written offer can get your desired price and many other perks.

    Acceptance of Offer: The seller has three options: they can accept your offer, counter your offer, or reject your offer. My negotiating skills, experience, and knowledge will come into play at this point. 

    From Opening Escrow to Closing: I will handle every piece of paperwork, set up inspections, tests, check with everyone involved (mortgage company, inspectors, title company, etc.) to make sure that we have a smooth sailing. Could something go wrong? An experienced agent will tell you: it always does! That's why you need me, to make sure it does not. 

    Be your advocate: That is my sole purpose - to be on your side and advocate your best interests throughout the process.

    Ongoing support: I am always available to you. Even if you purchased years ago!



Do You Need Me?

I know you do. Every buyer needs an agent. I am good at what I do. It's not me saying that, but also my clients, my office...

It would be so sad to leave this page without contacting me. Just call me or hit some contact buttons on this website. It is that easy. I am waiting for your call, email or text!

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